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tutyraman: Ramasamy N / 9884065675 Apr 8, 2014 12:33:05 GMT 5.5
Sumi: Namaskaram Sri N Ramasamy (), and welcome to our Forum. Many many thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with Periva. You are truly fortunate and blessed. We will certainly circulate your post to all our members. Apr 8, 2014 13:03:17 GMT 5.5 *
Sumi: With the blessings of Periva, we have today closed the Divine Thoughts Series with 365 quotes of the Mahaswami - one for each day in the year. Link to the last post: Apr 9, 2014 8:42:16 GMT 5.5 *
kasibaniyer: I am Kasiban Iyer from Thanjavur , new member to this forum.During my college days I had a golden opportunity of serving "Periyava" for 3 weeks. Our family are staunch devotees of "Kamakshi" Now I am proud to be a member of this forum. Apr 10, 2014 8:53:22 GMT 5.5 *
nimmi: I am Nirmala from Chennai. I was Childless for 4 years. One night "Periyava" came in my dream with a cute looking Baby girl adorned with Green Pattu Pavadai & instructed to sit on my lap.with in 9 months I was blessed with a Baby girl. Hara Hara Sankara. Apr 10, 2014 9:01:50 GMT 5.5
Sumi: The Serial on Sri Maha Periva which was being telecast on Vijay TV has concluded. Visit this link for all the 45 episodes: Apr 12, 2014 22:31:40 GMT 5.5 *
raguram: I am Raguramprasad from vellore. Being a new member of this forum, My namaskarams to all. In the last 1 year, i had lot of experiences with Maha periyava both in dreams and in real life. I will be glad to post it if i would be permitted? Apr 13, 2014 21:23:11 GMT 5.5
raguram: Today i went to kanchi, had darshan at Periyava athistanam and got the blessings of Pudhu Periyava Apr 13, 2014 21:25:15 GMT 5.5
rswamin: i am swaminathan new member to this forum, kindly share any new articles about periyava. interested to read Apr 13, 2014 21:32:10 GMT 5.5
Sumi: Namaskaram Shri Raguramprasad (), and welcome to our Forum. You are most welcome to post your experiences in any one of the respective boards (English/ Tamil). Apr 13, 2014 21:44:03 GMT 5.5
Sumi: Namaskaram Shri Swaminathan(), and welcome to our Forum. Our members and moderators are regularly sharing articles/upadesams/experiences with Periva. Please visit the respective boards in the Forum. We hope you will cherish being in this Satsang. Apr 13, 2014 21:46:52 GMT 5.5
raguram: My dream about maha periyava runs for more than 256 characters and i do not know how to attach this word file? please help me. Apr 13, 2014 23:42:36 GMT 5.5
Sumi: Dear member Shri Raguramprasad (), you do not have to attach the file. Instead, we suggest you copy the contents of the Word document and just paste it here in the Forum, in the respective board. Apr 14, 2014 11:17:27 GMT 5.5 *
raguram: I have already pasted the word docuement. Apr 14, 2014 11:32:26 GMT 5.5
Sumi: Dear member Shri Raguramprasad (), it looks like the document was not saved. If you have any difficulty, please send the file to , and we will post it on your behalf. Apr 14, 2014 11:46:48 GMT 5.5 *
akhil: I am a devotee from andhra desha.I have no initiation into shri vidya.But for mev paramacharya and ambal are everything.I ask the mahajans whether i can recite lalitha sahasranama ,atleast as a stotra without nyasa. Apr 14, 2014 14:35:06 GMT 5.5
akhil: when my life was full of sin it is this stotra that saved me and turned me towards paramacharya.In andhra desha where anachara is in tandavam even in our house very few people do sandhya .only because of periya teachings iam living a devoted life,guide me Apr 14, 2014 14:38:11 GMT 5.5
raguram: Dear Member Sumi, i have emailed my word docuement to the above mentioned email id. Kindly do the needful. Apr 14, 2014 14:44:30 GMT 5.5
lakshmipriya: Hello Happy birthday who celebrates birthday today's. Its Lakshmipriya. Today i join. Apr 15, 2014 15:28:31 GMT 5.5